The Workplace Communication Skills programme encourages learners to develop practical administration and communication skills relevant to the workplace.


Discover how improved staff literacy levels help to foster a safe and efficient workplace.

Who should do it?

Employees who want to develop basic reading, writing, numeracy and communication skills in the workplace.

Who this helps and why

This programme is designed to meet the needs of the learner and the workplace. This is done by conducting a Skills Analysis of each learner at the beginning of the programme and creating programme goals with the company.

Skills gained

This programme develops the skills to help employees to contribute to and feel valued in the workplace.

Outcomes and results

After finishing this programme, learners should have achieved their programme goals and developed skills which they can use more effectively in their workplace roles.

What sorts of learners complete this programme?

We have worked with staff who struggle to understand English as a second language, read company memos or signs accurately, and keep safe in the workplace by reading Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs).

This programme also supports learners in a new supervisory role or who are preparing for one. The programme gives them strategies in giving clear instructions, receiving feedback, and managing conflict with their teams.

Edvance workplace training tutors and employees
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