Customer Stories

Nick Braddock
People & Culture Business Partner
Edvance went over and above in their service provision to our company. All of the team from the Client Manager, through to the Programme Manager & Administrator were thoroughly professional and made the process easy for us. Our facilitator/teacher Liki was perfectly matched to our team culture and he connected well and gained the trust of the group instantly. Thank-you Edvance Workplace Education.
Maree Lelieveld
L & D Advisor
Edvance was a pleasure to work with and all aspects of the programme were executed in a highly professional manner. Also, the opportunity for our people has been powerful and obviously had an impact on them from both a personal and professional perspective. I would have no hesitation working with Edvance on future cohorts or recommending this programme to others. Right from the get-go, Edvance was highly professional in their approach, including during the consultation process, curriculum design, and in the training delivery. It was such a pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of the learners when they graduated and to fully appreciate the sense of achievement they had obviously gained from the experience.
Nick Kairua
Operations Manager
Edvance are an extraordinary outfit that have made an indelible impression with our business unit leaders in Site 23 MOVE Logistics & Warehousing. The workplace training modules that Edvance offer, are certainly applicable to our industry and have helped equip our leadership team with a skillset that will serve to elevate our operation and their teams successfully. Our leadership team soon realised, that the soft skills learnt, do also apply to our lives outside of work too. This makes for better leaders becoming better people. The course was professionally run, where we were fortunate enough to have a facilitator that “got” who we are. Her passion for our cohort was evident and was a direct reflection in this course being a successful one. Thank you Edvance for helping us on our journey.
Graham Berry
Operations Manager
Edvance staff were very effective at communicating with us and followed up routinely to ensure our requirements were being met. Edvance provided an excellent programme tailored to our requirements and the trainer was highly professional and related well with all of our team members.
Adi Warren
Regional HR Business Partner
Edvance has transformed the lives of the PlaceMakers Frame & Truss employees who participated in 2021. Confidence, belief and capability that transfers to the work environment and their personal lives has been evident in how they approach people, relationships, and challenging situations they previously didn’t have the skill set to tackle. When we first looked at pulling a group together to take them on this journey, we struggled to get enough engagement but Jan and the team persevered, supported us all the way and delivered an amazing learning platform to elevate our people.
Jayson Makakea
2IC Site Manager
Edvance has transformed the lives of the PlaceMakers Frame & Truss employees who have taken part in the course. These gentlemen have grown with confidence, gained new life skills that has enabled them to take on challenging situations that will get them the results. Previously these men did not have the skill sets or tools, they didn't have the understanding of some of the course content. But they can proudly walk away knowing they have achieved something in life that is going to change them forever. It's been a tough challenging journey to get participants to get involved and be 100% committed, I can say the men that stuck to the very end did PlaceMakers AFT very proud. Huge appreciation goes out to Jan and especially Lorenzo for having the patience throughout the journey and supported us all the way through to the very end. I would recommend this programme the other businesses out there who are skeptical and see no benefits to their staff and their business as it is a fantastic learning platform for our people.
Kym Johns
HR Manager - Head of HR Asia Pacific
Here at Datamars, our mission statement is to “make a measurable difference” and Edvance has certainly done that for our company but also for the employees who have been on the learning journey. Since 2018 Edvance have impacted the lives of over 80 Datamars employees with their fantastic learning platform. Our learners have not only been able to gain skills and confidence that have noticeably improved productivity but have also impacted their personal lives in terms of their confidence and relationships in their family and their communities. The facilitators are fantastic and are able to adapt to the differing needs of each leaners and are supported by a great team around them. Thanks Edvance for making a measurable difference.
Kim Pryor
HR & Safety Manager
Edvance have transformed the lives of our production leaders. Our leading hands were quiet, barely spoke to leadership or their peers in the context of their role. Now after having gone through the leadership and continuous improvement modules with Edvance, they are willing to call out their challenges and are able to help us build the solution. They are respectfully challenging their colleagues when expectations are not being met and have embraced their leadership roles. They now have the skills and confidence to lead with passion and make their mark.
Akenese Tagiilima
Abpac Manager
Working with the Edvance Team is a blessing to our organisation. The programme is free and it has offered an opportunity for some of our staff to be trained in the comfort of our own facility. The communication for the programme between Edvance and Abilities is always open which makes timetable adjustments very easy and adaptable for both parties to continue running the programme efficiently. Since we joined the training, it has become a part of Abilities' weekly activities that our participants will always look forward to each week. Thank you so much Edvance team, you are fabulous!
Grant Kobus
Bulk Store Manager – Night
Jan and the team from Edvance were very professional and great to work with to get our Workplace programme off the ground. From the beginning to the end of the programme the staff were supported by the tutor and the Edvance team beyond what was expected due to the impacts of COVID. The flexibility and adaptability of the tutor was phenomenal which kept the staff motivated to complete the programme. All staff have remarked it is the best thing they have done in the workplace. Edvance is highly recommended to run such programmes in the workplace.

Case Studies

Simcro Limited

Simcro Limited (a Datamars brand) partnered with Edvance to develop and deliver Foundations of Learning, a programme focussed on reading and writing skills, verbal communication, working with others and team management. Participants reported improved English and self-confidence. Benefits for the company included better engagement as well as health and safety improvements. Simcro Limited was the Skills Highway Award Winner in the 2019 Diversity Awards NZ™.

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Auckland District Health Board

The Auckland District Health Board’s “To Thrive” programme, delivered by Edvance, supports lower income employees to maximise their income through access to job specific training, financial capability education and career pathways, and to improve their health and wellbeing through access to free health checks and improved work conditions. Auckland District Health Board was a finalist in the 2019 Diversity Awards NZ™.

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Steel & Tube

A few years ago, the team at Steel & Tube Auckland marked a significant milestone as they celebrated their graduation from the Workplace Literacy Programme alongside Edvance.

Staff at Steel & Tube Auckland recently celebrated the first graduation from the Workplace literacy Programme with Edvance. Graduates have grown in confidence not only in the workplace, but also in their families and communities.

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