The Emerging Leaders programme is designed for employees who want to develop their skills as new team leaders and supervisors or for those who are looking at moving into supervisory roles. This programme can be completed as a continuation from the Taste of Success or delivered as a standalone programme designed to be relevant to your employees and your workplace. The programme will also develop the practical business management and leadership skills you need to do your job successfully.

Who this helps and why

This programme is designed to meet the skill needs of the learner and the company.  This is done by conducting a Skills Analysis of each learner at the beginning of the programme and setting programme goals with the company.

Skills gained

The skills this programme addresses can include how to effectively communicate with your team, how to implement better quality systems, giving and responding to feedback, writing reports and how to manage teams effectively.

Outcomes and results

Learners will be able to identify and communicate with their team and gain real outcomes in day-to-day business activities. This relates to them having the knowledge and tools to listen more effectively and/or even respond more appropriately than before. Both of these key communication tools are essential for successful team management and leadership.

We work with learners who have moved on from being part of the team, to managing or supervising the team. We teach them the best leadership skills for their situation, and also any other skills like good business writing that they may need. Along the way we develop their self confidence in their leadership role. This programme is also great for those that are already leading as it provides them with a new understanding of what they are doing and why, and, if it isn’t working, how they can work through ways to change it.

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