Our financial skills programme focuses on the ability to manage personal finance matters in an efficient manner. This includes learning how to make appropriate decisions about managing debt, budgeting and achieving financial goals.
Edvance recognises the correlation between financially stable employees and workplace efficiencies.

Who should do it?

This programme is designed for organisations seeking to educate their staff about the use of money in everyday life.

Who this helps and why

This programme will benefit all employees whose lack of financial understanding is affecting their employment, for example, an employee who is late to work due to lack of funds for petrol or a bus.

Financial Literacy Programme - New Zealand Money

Skills gained

This programme provides an excellent opportunity to develop numeracy and literacy as well as financial skills.

Outcomes and results

Encouraging employees to upskill and develop financial skills can improve staff retention rates, reduce downtime due to lateness, absenteeism and personal distractions in the workplace.

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