Distance Learning - Workplace Training

Edvance can also offer a Distance Learning online option for our Workplace Training programmes.

Physically separated but socially connected – Stay Learning!

Edvance can train your staff in their home on their smart phone or at work through a virtual classroom.

Edvance can cover a range of topics including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Leadership Development
  • Digital Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Workplace Communication.

These can be tailored to your workplace.

Distance learning can be FREE for eligible learners.

Online Training - Edvance Pre-Entry Preparation

Sign up to the Edvance online training course for Police, Defence Force, Corrections or Fire & Emergency pre-entry tests.

When you do this, you gain access to:

  • Example tests you can sit to prepare you for the real thing.
  • Phone, email and forum support from experienced tutors.
  • Video and text based training resources recommended for you. These will help you with areas you are struggling with in the example tests.

Online Training from anywhere

Watch video tutorials, read articles (under development), a Q&A section to support you and you can sit practice tests.

Tablet displaying Edvance online training

About Edvance

In addition to offering Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Fire & Emergency and Corrections pre-entry training, Edvance are workplace training specialists. We are passionate about making a difference. Our commitment to helping as many people as possible achieve their potential is rewarding. We have specialist tutors available, with a 24 hour turn-around time to assist with answering problems that you find difficult.

Our team of tutors are all trained adult educators with many years of teaching as well as specific experience in training adults to pass these tests. They have a wealth of knowledge that can be shared with you. Both through the emailing forum facility to support areas that you are struggling with.

Customer Testimonial

“I received additional support in both abstract reasoning and numerical reasoning as these tests I failed in my first attempts. With only one trial left I joined the Edvance programme. Over 20 weeks, with the Tutor’s support, I increased my knowledge, confidence and speed, while maintaining my accuracy in each area. I then re-sat both tests and made such an improvement that I have now been accepted into the Navy as an Officer Recruit.

The programme definitely prepared me not only for the types of questions in the tests, but also for the rules around the marking of the tests, which I had never experienced before in my previous education systems”

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