FAQs for learners

Can I learn using my tablet or phone?

Yes, you can work from your tablet or phone. All the platforms Edvance currently use to teach and share course material are available as apps or on your laptop. Some of the platforms you may already be familiar with, such as Zoom and G Suite (Google Hangouts).

Will someone be able to show me how to set this up?

Yes, we want this to be as easy and fun for you as possible. Before you start the programme one of our team will contact you and help you set up. You will also have an instruction sheet with step-by-step instructions on how to connect in the classroom.  Your tutor or an Edvance team member can assist you with setting up your requirements.

Do I have to show my face?

We would love you to participate in the group video sessions, it allows you to meet your classmates, make friends and become more involved, and it will assist in your learning. If you are not talking it’s okay to have your mic off and listen sometimes but it’s important for you to join in conversations. It’s normal to feel worried and uncertain. We encourage everyone to give the video chat a try, have fun and a laugh. You will feel more confident in time.

Do I have to participate in online conversations?

It would be great if you participate in online conversations, it’s good to hear your experiences as it lets us know that everyone is learning and on the right track. Don’t worry, online written chat conversations will be short.

Are there tests and assignments?

You will probably be given fun quizzes and projects and things to practise at work. This will help your tutor check if you are understanding and help you apply your new skills to your work. If you are enrolled in a unit standard you will have to complete an assignment.

What happens if I miss a session?

The Google Classroom will be open for you to catch up on past session classwork and the tutor will enable the next class session work a couple of days before the next class.