FAQs for employers

How does training work on a tablet or phone?

The platforms Edvance uses to communicate with learners and to deliver its learning material are all available as apps for both Android and iPhone/iPad devices. The current platforms available for virtual classroom delivery and learning are Zoom, Teams and Google G Suite. Assistance will be given to all learners who may need help downloading and accessing the apps and their functions.

How much workplace documentation do you require from us? What do you need exactly?

The more information you can provide us with the better, whether it be SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), health & safety signs, timesheets, incident reports or hazard ID forms. Anything that assists us to address the ideal training topics, we will integrate into the teaching of your programme.

How long do each of the topics take?

That greatly depends on the ability of each learner, each group and how much detail you would like to integrate within the topics. It’s better for you to give us an indication of how many hours you can commit to and we will build something around that.

Will the tutor be the same for online as for face-to-face training after the lockdown has finished?

The tutors will likely be different. We have tutors that specialise in online delivery and can work remotely. Once face-to-face delivery resumes, the tutor will be local to your area. There will be a thorough transition process from each tutor and open communication with the learners.

Do you have an example of a previous course that you have run with another client?

Yes, please speak to your Client Manager or anyone at Edvance, you can submit an enquiry through our contact form too: https://edvance.co.nz/contact/

How many hours per week can the course be?

Course hours vary depending on your requirements and the course on offer. Typically, the course can be between 2 or 4 hours per week, 2 hours per day. Due to the lockdown and operating in unprecedented times, we are able to offer greater intensity for your programme’s needs – some programmes are now over 10 hours a week.

How many days should it be?

We encourage 2-3 hours a day, one or more days a week depending on circumstances and course delivery. Lockdown, its various stages and distance learning all mean we can offer more intensity over up to 5 days a week if required.

How soon can we get training up and running by?

Training can be up and running within a week from confirmation of the programme outline and completed list of learners.